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Physical Goals

Let's talk about health

Okay, before you run away to the next page let's just... let's just TALK about this. We KNOW how important our physical health is, we know everything about our bodies just works and, frankly, LOOKS better, when we carve out the time to take care of ourselves.  

But like... who actually does that? It's freaking hard, man!! You ever see/hear that joke about being allergic to exercise? I break out into sweats, my face turns bright red, I can't breathe... it's a whole thing. 

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT here to body-shame or encourage people to do ANYthing that doesn't make them happy. Like, ever. Honestly, one of my favourite characters has always been Homer Simpson, and you know why? Because that man is Fat and Happy. He loves Duff Beer and donuts, even the episode when he's a boxer he's not an athlete because he just doesn't care. That's not his jam, so that's not what he does. 

It's perfect. 

Personally, I am NOT happy if I'm as sedentary as my dear buddy Homer. Sometimes I wish I was! But I have always found my most favourite things in life are active: playing sports, competing, wrestling, running amok and just... I find all of this JOY and happiness in movement. 

So for me FITNESS is imperative. It's my most fun, favourite thing. I'm lucky because that makes it EASY for me. And while physical activity is only one piece of the very large puzzle, it's a big one, so I am seriously lucky here. 

Nutrition... I'm worse at that. But I recognize the incredible role it has, both in my fitness and my overall health. So... while I HATE worrying about nutrition, I try to at least stay mindful of it. 

There are other tenets, too, of course. Physical health can include anything from body composition, sport performance, size and appearance, flexibility, pain or lack thereof, skin care, dental care...  Our bodies are beautiful, complex machines! There is no one-size-fits-all for physical health. 

BUT... there are things we know we need to be doing... and frankly, I would be shocked to discover that any one of us does ALL of them perfectly all the time. I am great at exercising, but... not so great at getting to the dentist regularly, for example. 

So YOU, what are you good at? Maybe your health is the pits and the thing you're good at is ACCEPTING it, like Homer, and you are as happy as can be. That is PERFECTION. Never, EVER change. Maybe you're NOT like Homer, though, and there's an aspect of your physical health that keeps niggling in your brain, hot diggity, I should do something about that. 

All this preamble is to tell you that's where Grit Gets Goals comes in. 

COMING SOON we'll have a FREE, downloadable worksheet to help you first, identify what you want to improve upon, and then set a course of action to get that sucker DONE. Need help with it, that's okay; you've got access to a lifelong athlete with years of university and college education in the health field. (Hi, it's me. Kinesiology, Massage Therapy, Coaching... I've done it all.) 

So get your thinking caps on, folks! What do you want to improve upon? I'm here to help. 

Join the Grit Gets Goals Facebook group for additional support from other goal-getters like you!!


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