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Mindset Goals

Let's talk about mental health

Please let me preface this section of Grit Gets Goals with saying that I do NOT have any technical credentials in this area. My scholastic endeavours were in the world of kinesiology. What I bring to the table in the mental health department is my own experience and struggles with depression and anxiety. 

What I CAN do for you is relate. I KNOW what it's like. I know you're not crazy. I know how literally impossible it can be at times to shut out the negative thats's screaming inside your brain. 

You are NOT alone. I can promise you that. 

For my own mental health I find I operate at my best when I am focused, driven, working towards a goal. I like to challenge my body and my mind. At the time of writing this I am a few weeks out of completing Andy Frisella's 75 Hard program, a "mental toughness" challenge. It taught me a lot about myself, my Grit, my ability to do hard things when absolutely everything and everyone seems to be conspiring against me, even if that conspiracy only exists in my own addled brain. 

While managing a positive mindset HELPS I will NOT tell you that this technique, challenging oneself and accomplishing various goals, will cure you. I firmly believe that while your mental health can be aided by a walk in the woods that it cannot necessarily be cured. For many of us it is NOT as simple as a mindset shift, adopting exercise routines, eating healthfully... some of us need extra helps. Therapy. Medication. Doctors. There is nothing wrong with this - your brain is an organ like any other in your body, Sometimes stuff breaks down. That's okay. It's okay for us not to be okay all the time. Goodness knows I'm not! 

When I am, when I'm mostly okay - when my medication is working properly, when I'm not overexerting myself, when I'm not fighting burnout - then I can work my mindset. Podcasts. Challenges. Ted Talks. Personal Development books. Whatever speaks to YOU, uplifts your mind, your spirit, that's what you dial into. 

Find the positive. FOCUS on it. Even on the dark days, you can train your brain, just like you can train your body. 

The Grit Gets Goals Group on Facebook is a safe space - if you need somewhere to connect with others, to talk, to vent. If that's too scary or public for you contact us here, let it all out. Don't let your demons convince you that you're alone; you're not. Not even close. There are others, always.  


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