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Financial Goals

Let's talk about money

I know, and you know, that money doesn't buy happiness. It just doesn't. WE do that ourselves, finding happiness and contentment in our identities, our lives, our families and friends. 

It's not a big stretch of the imagination for most of us, though, to recognize the struggle of not having enough. Too many of us know the stress of seeing our hard-earned cash vanishing too quickly, which leads to so many things - how are we going to buy groceries, the kids have outgrown their shoes, why are housing prices so high, the debt keeps growing, my GOODNESS we need a vacation, HOW much is the vet bill?!..

Someone said to me once that yes, money does not buy happiness, but the LACK of it can certainly make one miserable. I personally know that feeling all too well.

So I made some goals, because that's what I do.  And now in my work I get to help other people set their goals, too, and work their way from that horrible state of constant stress and worry all the way to the liberating feeling of true financial freedom. 

With a holistic approach to planning we consider every angle and opportunity available to advance our client's financial situation. With the four specific solutions we offer we can tailor a plan to any one for any need, and we see you through to its completion; whether it be a lifelong goal for retirement, or something shorter term like the purchase of your first family home, expert advice and guidance is with you every step of the way. 

Read more about our 4 solutions below or contact me to set up your complimentary expert financial analysis now! 


The first step! There is virtually no point in setting up a fallible financial plan! We want your goals to be met no matter what chaos life throws your way. With various insurances available to us we can use these tools to protect against and plan for a myriad of events.

 Life Insurance    Critical Illness    Disability Insurance    Travel 
Mortgage Protection
  Debt    Final Expenses    Education Funds 


Debt. Personal error, student loans, life... it doesn't matter how you got there, once you're there it's HARD to get out of. We can help guide you out of it to free up more of your capital to channel into solidifying your financial future. 

 Snowballing    Refinancing    Maximizing Interest 

 Consolidation    Debt Counselling    Bankruptcy/Proposals   


Are your financial goals the same as your neighbour's? Of course not! So your planning shouldn't look the same, either. Whatever you stage in life your money plans should work towards it, not whatever the bank tells you your focus should be. We'll help you not only identify your goals, but realize them, too! 

 Financial Independence   Retirement   RRSP   RESP   TFSA  Savings   Vacation   New Home   Emergency Fund  Investments 

Increase your income

Let's face it, sometimes there just isn't enough money to go around, no matter HOW amazing your budgeting skills are. We have a solution for that, too; we're always expanding our business to help as many families as we can and we need GOOD PEOPLE to help us do that. 

 Full-Time   Part-Time   Make a Difference   Help Families    On-the-job Training   No Experience   Mental Toughness    Change Lives 

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