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The 60 Days of Grit Challenge

Let's talk Mental Toughness

"Increasing the state of our minds is the only way to reduce the difficulty of life." 

-Mokokoma Mokhonoana-

There have been a few occasions in my life where my mental toughness has been pushed to its limits: kickboxing competition, marriage dissolving, losing a business to a pandemic, starting a new career... the list goes on. 

As does yours - everyone has tough stuff we have to get through. It's how we learn, we grow, and it shapes us into the incredible people that we are! 

The scary thing is that for many of us that fact, that knowledge that we are incredible, it somehow gets lost somewhere along the way. 

We start making excuses for ourselves. For why we can't live up to that, why we can't chase after our dream job, dream relationship, dream physique.... We accept lesser than we are actually okay with because somewhere in all that strength we've built up over the years we also foster fear and doubt, anxieties about all the negative what-ifs. 

I'm here to tell you that you're tougher than that. You are worth MORE than that. 

So I've developed a challenge to remind you just how freaking awesome and unstoppable you really are. You are brilliant, you are IMPORTANT, and you are worth the time and effort you will invest in getting this done. 

6 daily requirements, 60 days. That's it. 60 days to remind yourself who you are, to fight against the thought distortions you've bought into that you don't have time, you're not this enough, you're not that enough, the belief you've adopted that you can't survive without things you don't need. I guarantee to you that's all untrue - you do have time, you are worth it, you can survive without chocolate/wine/whatever your crutch is. 

Mental toughness, as put by Vince Lombardi, "is spartanism, with all its qualities of self-denial, sacrifice, dedication, fearlessness, and love." 

Take the challenge. Exercise your mind and remember what you're made of. 

Physical Component

It's well known that our minds and bodies are connected, and for each to work at full capacity the other need be nurtured. That's why for your 60 Days of Grit you'll see daily requirements for exercise, nutrition, and hydration. 

Mental Component

This isn't a fitness challenge, or there would be much more emphasis on exercise. This is a whole mind-body challenge incorporating tasks in meditation and personal development daily, as well as your own personal accountability. 

The Tasks

What do you have to do? 

  • minimum 30 min workout/day

  • adopt/maintain a healthy meal plan

    • no cheat meals​

    • no alcohol

  • drink a gallon (4L) of water

  • 20 min meditation

  • personal development

    • 10 pages of a non-fiction book OR​

    • 20 mins of a podcast/TedTalk etc.

  • Daily accountability 

The Integrity Component

I suspect if you're snooping around a website called Grit Gets Goals that your propensity for integrity is NOT low. But I would be curious whether or not you can say that of yourself FOR yourself. 

You cannot FAIL the 60 Days of Grit. You either complete it, or you don't. Every day is complete or incomplete. If your day is incomplete, that's okay, but you didn't complete the challenge. 


Only you will know for sure, no one else. Only you can PRIORITIZE YOURSELF and only you will know if you stick with it.

If you don't want to, that's okay! But I'd challenge you to ask yourself... WHY? Why NOT accept the challenge? Are the requirements outlandish to you? It's okay if they are, but which one are you not okay with? Are you good with not being okay with it? 

Take the challenge. Show up for yourself for 60 days. Flex your mental muscles, prove your toughness to you. That's what it's about. 

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